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What is Pay-by-Link and how does it work?

Pay-by-Link e-commerce

Pay-by-Link is a payment method that allows customers to make a payment without needing a physical payment terminal or device. It is an alternative to traditional payment methods such as cash, card, or online payment gateway. Pay-by-Link for e-commerce stores and retail companies is becoming popular due to its ease of use and convenience for customers. Pay-by-Link is a payment solution that provides a unique payment link to the customers. WLPayments also provides this payment alternative to its business clients. The customers can use this link to pay for their purchases using their preferred payment method.

How does it work?

To use Pay-by-Link, the customer first selects the products they want to purchase from the online store or retail company. Then, the customer contacts the store or company’s customer support team to request a payment link. The customer support team generates a unique payment link and sends it to the customer via email or text message. The link contains all the purchase details, including the payment amount and the payment deadline.

Once the customer receives the payment link, they can click on it to be directed to the payment page. The payment page displays available payment options, such as credit or debit cards, e-wallets, or bank transfer. The customer selects their preferred payment option and enters their payment details. The payment gateway then processes the payment and sends a confirmation message to the customer and the retailer.

Advantages of Pay-by-Link

Pay-by-Link for e-commerce stores and retail companies offers several advantages:

  1. It eliminates the need for a physical payment terminal or device, which reduces the cost of infrastructure for the retailer.
  2. It is a secure payment method that uses a payment gateway to process the payment, which reduces the risk of fraud. 
  3. Faster payments which mean Pay by Link payments can be processed quickly, it is important for businesses that need to receive payments quickly to complete a transaction or deliver goods or services. 

Benefits for Customers

Customers also benefit from Pay-by-Link. They can make payments quickly and easily from their computer or mobile device without visiting a physical store or using a payment terminal. They can also choose their preferred payment method, such as credit or debit card, e-wallet, or bank transfer. Additionally, the payment link provides customers with all the details of their purchase, including the amount to be paid and the payment deadline, which helps them to manage their finances more effectively.

Integration with Payment Gateways

These payment gateways provide a secure payment processing solution compliant with industry standards such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Retailers can choose the payment gateway that best suits their needs and integrates it with their e-commerce platform or retail system. Payment gateways can provide a variety of pay by link integration alternatives for merchants, the two main type are the followings: 

API integration: With API integration, merchants can integrate pay by link directly into their website or application, allowing customers to make payments without leaving the merchant’s site.

Hosted payment pages are the second alternative. This solutions are secure, hosted by the payment gateway that merchants can link to from their own website or application.

Use Cases

Pay-by-Link is suitable for various use cases, including online shopping, MOTO payments and subscription payments.

Pay-by-Link can be used for MOTO payments, which are transactions that are completed over the phone or through mail order. In this scenario, the e-commerce company can send a payment link to the customer’s email or mobile device, which they can use to make a payment for the order. This provides a secure and convenient payment option for customers who prefer not to share their payment information over the phone. 

E-commerce companies that offer subscription services can also use Pay by Link to facilitate recurring payments. Pay by Link allows customers to quickly and easily pay for their subscription without having to manually enter payment information each time.

Pay-by-Link for e-commerce companies also enables to send personalised payment requests to customers. For example, if a customer adds a product to their cart and does not complete the purchase, the e-commerce company can send a payment link to the customer with a special discount or offer to encourage them to complete the purchase.

In conclusion, Pay-by-Link is a payment method that provides a convenient and secure way for customers to pay for their purchases without needing physical payment methods. Pay-by-Link for e-commerce stores and retail companies is becoming increasingly popular. The payment method offers several advantages for retailers and customers, including cost savings, convenience, and security. Retailers can integrate Pay-by-Link with their payment gateway to provide their customers various payment options. 

What’s next?

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