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A Closer Look at Celeris Enhanced Rules Engine

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Introducing New Parameters in the Tokenization Payment Flow

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Unveiling the Power of Omission Reporting in Online Payment Management


In the ever-evolving landscape of online transactions, an unyielding commitment to precision and oversight is paramount for the financial departments and the individuals responsible for online payments with e-commerce merchants. Faced with the intricate dance of digital exchanges, one question surfaces: Have you ever grappled with a failed capture attempt or yearned for a comprehensive lens on unreconciled transactions? Prepare to transcend these quandaries, as we present the Omission Report – an innovative and formidable instrument poised to redefine the very fabric of transaction monitoring. This article embarks on a journey into the extraordinary capabilities of this very useful feature.

A Beacon of Clarity in Payment Management. The Omission Report, an unparalleled innovation, is engineered to unearth and rectify anomalies, discrepancies, and omissions within the realm of financial transactions. It functions as a vigilant real-time auditor, guaranteeing that no payment transaction escapes scrutiny. This tool emerges as a force in the sphere of payment orchestration, making it crucial for businesses of all sizes, offering a safety net against the lurking spectres of costly errors and missed payments. 

Spotting the Unseen: Discerning Pre-Authorized Transactions

The Omission Report opens up as your all-encompassing window into transactions over a period, quickly identifying pre-approved transactions that are left unnoticed and waiting to be captured or reversed. This skill is extremely important because it gives organisations the agility to stay in control and anticipate possible problems before they arise. Why is this relevant? It enables companies to improve their risk management, make well-informed financial decisions, and strengthen their capacity to accurately forecast cash flow.

Stay on Top of Unreconciled Transactions

The pursuit of financial stability hinges on the meticulous tracking of unreconciled transactions. The Omission Report, with its robust features, stands as your indefatigable assistant, committed to ensuring that no loose ends evade your attention. In real-time, it offers updates on transactions that have yet to find reconciliation or settlement, thereby bestowing upon you a meticulously organised financial record. 

Swift Action with Failed Capture Attempts

Transaction stumbles are an inevitable facet of online payments, but with the Omission Report, no such episode shall escape your notice. It empowers you to seamlessly identify transactions afflicted by unsuccessful capture attempts, enabling prompt resolution and, ultimately, delivering a seamless payment experience for your customers. The benefits are manifold – elevated customer satisfaction, reduced operational costs, a mitigated risk of chargebacks, and an unparalleled boost in accuracy. 

Your Day to Day Analyst Companion

More than just a tool, the Omission Report emerges as your faithful daily analyst companion. Its offerings extend far beyond mere functionality, bestowing you with insights and support that enable you to maintain the zenith of standards in payment processing. The tool’s attributes include an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard, an encompassing overview section, graphical visualisations, a transaction list, customisable filters, real-time alerts and notifications, drill-down functionality, and robust export and reporting capabilities.

Conclusion: Elevating the Art of Payments

In the intricate world of digital payments, the ascendancy of your financial transactions stands as a pivotal necessity. The Omission Report, with its discerning eye on pre-authorized transactions, meticulous tracking of unreconciled transactions, and swift response to failed capture attempts, serves as your steadfast guardian, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed. By automating error detection and delivering real-time alerts, this feature grants businesses the power to minimise risks, enhance accuracy, and optimise the orchestration of their payments.

At Celeris, we wholeheartedly embrace new partnerships and are ardently dedicated to enhancing your payment experience. Should you harbour any inquiries or require further assistance or information, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Your success is our unwavering commitment.

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