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Elevate your payment processing with Celeris White Label Payment Orchestration Platform, featuring a multi-acquirer setup, streamlined onboarding, and a suite of tools designed to optimise transactions and enhance security.

A White-Label Solution powers your
business, helping you outperform
competitors to reach goals faster.

Tap into cutting-edge tech for a versatile, intelligent solution.
Grow effortlessly with our advanced white-label solutions.

Scalability and

Our white-label solution is future-proof because it is scalable to accommodate growth helping with simple and fast onboarding.

Security and

We offer built-in security features, encryption, (card scheme) tokenisation, and regular PCI 4.0 audits to safeguard sensitive financial data and maintain regulatory compliance.

Reliability and

CelerisPay offers redundant systems, failover mechanisms, and robust support services to minimise downtime and mitigate potential disruptions—99,99% uptime.


CelerisPay supports seamless and on-demand integration with acquirers, e-commerce websites, mobile apps, and backend systems.

Comprehensive Reporting
and Analytics

CelerisPay offers customisable reporting dashboards, transaction tracking, and analytics tools to provide actionable insights.

Dedicated Support
and Training

CelerisPay offers comprehensive support services, including technical assistance, training sessions, documentation, and knowledge bases.

Get Access to an advanced White-Label orchestration platform for all your payment needs

Strengthening online payment security with added authentication,
ensuring safer transactions and reducing fraud risks

Bring your own certificates
3 layered security
API Documentation
Transparent pricing


Brandable Software Suitable
For Various Business Types


Optimise payments with our flexible white-label gateway for your needs. Transparent pricing, comprehensive control for enhanced capabilities.

Online Merchants

Ensure brand consistency. Our customisable gateway provides trusted payments, robust security, scalability, and analytics for adaptive business growth.


Enhance acquirer services with our branded, compliant platform—scalable for new markets, and diverse merchants.


CelerisPay is an ideal solution for banks offering agility, flexibility, advanced analytics, and compliance. Empower digital innovation, and deliver unmatched value.


Expand revenue with an e-commerce gateway and virtual terminal. Empower sales organizations to boost revenue through brand ownership, effortless onboarding, and intelligent payment routing.


 Innovate your fintech offerings with our white-label solutions, providing branded payment processing. CelerisPay focus on innovation will elevate the Fintechs customer experiences and boost engagement and loyalty.

How It Works

One for all

One integration gives access to all the payment methods, wallets, markets and countries you need.

Comprehensive suite of 20+ plugins, wrappers and SDKs - - Get integrated in minutes with our No-Code platform!

Transaction Routing

Control your transaction flow, manage fraud, grow your revenue and explore the route to better success rates.

Provide Risk protection and easy Vendor switching. With this powerful tool on board, you can easily implement and alter various flow strategies.

Frictionless Payments

Activate the checkout flow that gives your customers a frictionless experience and results in the higher acceptance rates. Our Checkout solution caters to consumers with international support for 100+ payment methods, 25 languages, and geolocation adaptability

How it Works

Our platform at your service
Take control over your performance

one stop Solution offers

Ease of use

Effortlessly onboarding merchants, setting up transaction rules, and managing fraud with a simple click.

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Ensure robust security for your payment operations with our orchestration dashboard, offering comprehensive features to protect your transactions and data.

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Manage payment process and integrations and all operations from a single dashboard

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Financial Control

Reconciliation and Omission reporting. Have your own controller, CFO and administrator in one.

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Quick and practical support on simple and complex technical questions.

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One Integration . more opportunities . One Integration . more opportunities .

Our White Label Solution Includes

Payments & Payouts

  • Payments
  • Checkout
  • Payments links
  • Subscriptions & Recurring payments
  • Instant payouts

Smart Processing

  • Routing
  • Cascading
  • Currency Conversion
  • Splitting
  • Anti-fraud


  • Merchant management
  • Reconciliations
  • Monitoring
  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Plug & Play Technology


  • Dashboard
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Onboarding setup

Get Access to an advanced merchant portal for all your activity with enterprise level functionality

A Single Dashboard for all your Processes

Simplify your payment operations with Celeris. Access your account, track data, oversee integrations, process payments, and manage refunds—all through one intuitive dashboard

  • Export Report
  • Manage Subscriptions
  • Transaction Timeline
  • Drag and Drop Interface

Real-Time Monitoring

Empower merchants with real-time monitoring for seamless transactions and enhanced security.

Predefined & Customise Reports

Comprehensive predefined and customisable reports to optimise payment operations and drive growth.

Customer Quadrant

Real-time actionable insights and notifications into the lagging customers, frontrunners or outliers.

Prioritized High Security
industry standards

Risk Engine

Enhance security and speed with advanced risk and volume/velocity management.

Ethoca/Verifii Notification

Boost fraud prevention and customer satisfaction with Ethoca/Verifi notifications.

PCI DSS Level 4 compliance

Protects against identity theft, and reduces credit card fraud by setting robust security standards.

Network Tokenization

Transform security and transactions with network tokenization

Secured Infrastructure For Security

Explore the transformative impact of buying our White label payment service provider.

  • Have a legal entity, trademark and domain registered
  • Hire Developers
  • Design and develop the payment software
  • Hire Sales and Marketing teams
  • Build a server infrastructure and
    complete PCI DSS assessment

Total Cost

Buy CelerisPay

  • € 299
  • € 366
  • € 599
  • € 255
  • € 366

€ 2k/per month

Build your own

  • € 9999
  • € 2999
  • € 5678
  • € 9450
  • € 1599

€ 29k/per month

What our customers
and partners say:

Our fully network-certified and proven products secure transactions worldwide. We increase that footprint and ensure together with Celeris that merchants can generate more approved transactions complementing their modern and modular platform.


Benoit Ouinas
Senior Business Development Executive and Location Director France at Netcetera

Partnering with Celeris, whose state-of-the-art product and innovative DNA align with ours, ensures top-notch conversion-boosting features and insightful payment performance analytics for our merchants.


Darius Kulikauskas
Darius Kulikauskas CEO at Pervesk | Partner at Bankera

Our collaboration with Celeris underscores our dedication to enriching businesses' online payment capabilities. Through this partnership, we aim to equip our merchants with the means to refine processes, encompass fraud management and contribute to their sustained growth.


Luca Bizzotto
CEO of Alto Global Processing

Celeris' gateway solutions are an excellent addition to our merchant services offerings. "We pride ourselves on providing exceptional payment solutions and services to our clients, and the Celeris platform as part of our offering will help us.


Nick Dobson
VP of Sales and Business Development at Truevo

We are delighted to partner with Celeris and incorporate our solution into the orchestration platform’s ecosystem. This collaboration is about empowering businesses to address the French and European markets efficiently by providing a seamless localised payment experience.


Antoine Grimaud
CEO of Payplug

What our customers and partners say:

Build your business with Celeris

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a White Label payment orchestration platform?

Celeris' White Label payment orchestration platform allows PSPs, ISOs, Fintechs, and Acquirers to customize and market the platform as their own, incorporating their unique brand, logo, and identity. The platform enables them to efficiently manage payment flows, offer modern centralized merchant services, and deliver precise reporting to their global online merchants.

What does PCI DSS compliance entail, and who must adhere to it?

PCI DSS, or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, is a set of security measures designed to safeguard consumer credit card data and shield businesses from fraudulent activities.

Every organization regardless of its size and transaction volume, that handles credit, debit, or prepaid card data from major card networks like American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, and Visa Inc. must adhere to the PCI standard.

Is Celeris a PSP?

No, Celeris is not a payment service provider (PSP). It is a payment orchestration platform that serves as a technical intermediary between merchants and their PSPs. It offers an independent and adaptable setup, enabling merchants to connect with multiple PSPs and acquirers. Celeris centralizes payment setups, facilitating intelligent transaction routing, risk management, user-friendly reconciliation and settlements, and additional functionalities.

Can I import existing customer credit cards to the Celeris vault?

Yes, you can. To ensure a successful data import, both parties involved in the transfer must demonstrate PCI standard compliance by providing a certificate of compliance. These parties include Celeris and the current holder of the merchant's data, such as a PSP, an acquirer, or the merchant itself. For more information, please reach out to our payment platform experts.

How does Celeris protect against Fraud and Chargeback?

Celeris offers a robust risk management engine customizable to your needs, aiming to prevent fraud and mitigate payment risks. Our integrated system includes various risk rules and models, reducing manual reviews and enhancing fraud detection. Collaborations with Ethoca, Verifi, and Chargeback help ensure real-time alerts for added security.