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Celeris now supports MPAN for seamless ApplePay tokenization flow


In a continuous effort to enhance the payment experience for its users, Celeris, a leading payment gateway company based in Amsterdam, is thrilled to announce a significant feature update. Celeris is now fully equipped to support Merchant Payment Account Numbers (MPAN) for a smoother Apple Pay tokenization flow.

Introduction of Apple Pay’s Merchant Token:

Apple Pay introduces a new token type known as the “Merchant Token.” This token is not tied to a specific user’s device, making it especially beneficial for recurring payments like Standing Instruction MITs (Merchant Initiated Transactions).

Understanding the Shift to MPAN:

The latest guidelines from Apple Pay recommend the use of Merchant Tokens (MPAN) over Device Tokens (DPANs) for several compelling reasons. The key advantages include:

  • Continuity Across Devices: MPANs allow for seamless payment continuity across multiple devices, ensuring a consistent user experience.
  • Recurring Payments Independence: MPANs enable recurring payments independent of a specific device, providing greater flexibility for users.
  • Enhanced Security: With lifecycle management features, MPANs offer improved monitoring capabilities, allowing businesses to track changes and identify revoked tokens.

Visa’s Token Management Requirements:

The tokens generated by devices for Standing Instruction MITs will be replaced by the new Apple Pay Merchant token type, in accordance with Visa’s token management requirements. Visa will still accept Standing Instruction MITs made with Apple Pay device tokens that were provisioned prior to 28 February 2024. However, after this date, Apple Pay device tokens will no longer be valid for Standing Instruction MITs processed by Visa. Additionally, it is important to note that the ApplePay MPAN is compatible with iOS versions greater than v16.4 or Xcode 14.3.

At present, Visa is the sole card scheme that mandates the utilization of merchant tokens. However, we strongly advise implementing this new token type for all Apple Pay card categories as it enhances the durability of Apple Pay tokens. Rest assured, there are no alterations to the procedures for processing tokenization payments, recurring transactions, or Apple Pay transactions with us.

Implementation Details for Celeris merchants/partners:

Celeris now offers support for MPAN instead of DPAN. Merchants using our Hosted Payment Page do not need to make any changes. However, if merchants are using their own Hosted Payment page or our ApplePay SDK, they will need to use the latest updated ApplePay SDK. We support two types of ApplePay MPAN flow: Recurring and Deferred Payment. For more details, please refer to our documentation link.

Note: Issuer Support and Future Considerations:

Device tokens will continue to be supported for CITs (Cardholder Initiated Transactions) and one-time MITs (such as incremental authorisation or partial shipments). The acceptance of the new merchant token is subject to issuer support of the new token type. In cases where an issuer does not support merchant tokens, Apple Pay will generate a device token that will be accepted by Visa. As for now, digital wallets other than Apply Pay did not publish any change in their token service.


As Celeris continues to lead the way in innovative payment solutions, the integration of Apple Pay’s Merchant Token marks a pivotal advancement in transaction continuity and security. We urge merchants to stay abreast of these developments and ensure seamless integration by adopting the latest ApplePay changes.

Be prepared for more exciting updates as Celeris navigates the ever-evolving landscape of digital payments, striving to deliver unparalleled solutions and experiences for our valued users.    

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