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Celeris announce their addition of 7 new acquirers in the span of just 2 months


Amsterdam  03.04.2021

Celeris is pleased to announce its addition of 7 new acquirers to its platform, keeping true to its acquirer-agnostic approach. These acquirers were integrated within 2 months, validating Celeris’ method of planning in terms of hours and days rather than weeks and months.

“This is a testament to the power of our modular and modern platform where acquirers get integrated at a lightning speed. We are very proud of the feedback that we have received from our clients as they express their appreciation for our agility and promptness” said Sunil Jhamb, Founder & CEO of Celeris.

The following are the acquirers that were integrated:


  1. Concardis
  2. Dalenys
  3. GlobalGate
  4. Gr8Pay
  5. Network International
  6. rYVYL
  7. TrustPay

“What made this feat possible was our plug-and-play architecture, that allows for super quick and easy integrations. Constantly integrating with new acquirers is essential for the smooth running of our client’s operations” said Chinmay Jain, CTO of Celeris

Combined with Celeris agility, these integrations proved to be smooth, ensuring that payments were continuously processed with no acquirer downtime. Having multiple acquirers allows payments to automatically failover to the next available acquirer- which is an in-built mechanism known as Intelligent Transaction Routing, in the Celeris platform. 

Using a slew of information including platform health and performance, historic track record, etc. Intelligent Transaction Routing (ITR) also takes into account the priorities set by the merchant. This helps them arrive at the most cost-optimized and high success rate decision possible. Moreover, the platform’s dashboard provides an acquirer health check feature, which displays and compares the performance of every acquirer. Therefore, the addition of the 7 new acquirers brings great value to Celeris’ clients who are making use of this feature. 

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